Academic Tours

Academic Visit ot Pasteur Institute of India, Conoor TN

As per the curriculum and to nurture research interest in the students, the department of Microbiology has organized study tour to visit Pasteur Institute of India. The institute is one of oldest in producing vaccine in India specially rabies vaccine. In the order to give more actual scientific exposure to the students this tour was organized on dated 6th to 10th February 2020.

Over 25 student’s final year and 10 students of M.Sc. (Chemistry) have joined the tour. The teaching staff includes Dr. PS Katkar, Dr. JV Khobragade, Dr. KN Sahare, Prof. GS Ghugare, Prof. Bindu Thamke, Dr. MD Tawade, Dr. DD Deshmukh, Dr. Nilesh Jadhav and Non-Teaching staff Mr. Babarao Soge and Mr. VG Karekar were present.

We visited institute on 10 February, support staff at institute took us to the tour of the various process and manufacturing units of the institute. The expected outcome of the visit gained the knowledge about the rabies vaccine production and working process at the institute.  Along with academic exposure, students also have spent leisure and scenic trip to Nilgiri hills of ooty and nearby areas. 

Visit to Hind Laboratory Pvt. Ltd.

To impart the exposure to place of educational and medical importance, department has planned visit to the Hind lab at Chandrapur on 26th September 2019. The teaching staff Dr. PS Katkar, Dr. KN Sahare, Dr. GS Ghugare along with non-teaching staff Mr. PS Chalakh and Mr. VG Karekar. A total of 40 students have participated inn the tour.

Hind Lifecares (HLL) operates around 30 district with 110 laboratories specialized diagnostics. Students have got practical hands on various medical diagnostics techniques like blood group detection, RBC, WBC count liver function test SGOT, SGPT Cardiac function test etc. Atomization and new advancement in the diagnostic methods have fascinated the students. They also got training on hematology analyzer, HPLC, analyzer MINDRAY BS-240 pro, Nephlometer etc.

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