Programmes Organized by IQAC

  1. Workshop on Innovative Teaching Methods
  2. Two days workshop of Laboratoty Safety for Non teaching
  3. Seminar on Banking/UPSC/Compititive Exams
  4. Workshop on Comminucation Skill
  5. Workshop on e-literacy for Non teaching 
  6. Seminar on Animation Technology
  7. Two days workshop on GDPI
  8. Seminar on IIT JAM Exam preparation
  9.  Seminar on Stress Management 
  10. Workshop for Teachers “Faculty Development Programme”
  11.  Workshop on Atmanirbhar Bharat Vocation Course
  12. Workshop on Communication skill and Personality Development 
  13. Seminar on Career Managment 
  14. Workshop on Cyber Crime
  15. Workshop on Job Oriented Software training 
  16. Workshop on IPR
  17. International Conference on Recent Trends in Science & Technology 
  18. International Conference on Multidisciplinary Research  
  19. International Conference on Materials and Nanotechnology
  20. International Conference on Metabolomics of Cancer
  21. International Conference on ” नारी है उम्मीद की किरण ” 
  22. National Level Lecture Series for PG Student in Chemistry
  23. Seminar on Career counselling and Job Placement 

Creating Values in our Students