Information and Communication Technology (ICT)

Now a days, ICT based Teaching & Learning Process and Administration plays a vital role in college/Institute, in order to improve students learning, teaching method and administration. Due to advancement in ICT technology, it is proved that an increase in students exposure to education ICT through curriculum integration has a significant and positive impact on students achievements and in respect of administration it speed up the working process due to automation and easy to maintain the records. To synchronize the current scenario of education system, College adopts the ICT base technology and implement it in class room, laboratories and office.

ICT Cell Steering Committee:

College established ICT Cell Steering Committee to supervise the ICT utilization in curriculum activity and provide the goods regarding ICT based as per demands by ICT Cell Committee.

Name Designation
Dr. B. M. BahirwarPrincipal and Chairman
Dr. P. S. KatkarIQAC Coordinator
Dr. A. V. NandeMember
Dr. L. P. DewalkarMember
Dr. N. U. JadhavMember

ICT utilization in Teaching and Learning process:

  • Internet

We have dedicated Internet Leased line connected to all the terminals throughout the Campus. Students and faculty are free to access internet. This helps the students and staff to search and communicate the information.

  •  Multimedia center open for all college students  

In this center one computer instructor is appointed for assistance to the students who are not aware of ICT (Digital culture and Digital Literacy). Since the start of multimedia center, college noticed that this center found very helpful to students and students are aware of MS Office, how to search the information on internet, creating mail ID and accessing social media sites.

Internet Enabled ICT
Intractive Learning
Use of ICT by Students

ICT Class Rooms


The college has six ICT Class Room and equipped with smart LCD Projector, White Board, Audio System. Member of ICT Committee are Incharge of ICT Class Room.  

Computer Lab ICT
Chemistry ICT
Botany Lab ICT
Biochemistry Lab ICT
Zoology ICT

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