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Microbia 2020

On 17th and 18th February 2020 department of Microbiology have celebrated a unique way of learning Microbiology in the form MICROBIA 2020 (Festival of Microbiology). This was first attempt in Nagpur and Gondwana University in which 9 events have been organized, all events were showcase of hidden talent and have been a great exposure for the student.

Following events were organized

  • Memory Booster (Test your visual memory)
  • 10 Second Rule (Describe the given object in 10 second)
  • Ad Mad Show (Creative act of Microbiological process)
  • Pictionary (Bring out the artist in you and let others guess what you have drawn)
  • Headcruncher (Test your logic to the stupid question)
  • Micro chef (Prepare healthy Microbial food)
  • Micro Quiz (Competition of your Microbiology Knowledge)
  • Sing the science (Have fun singing the science)
  • Seminar Competition (Explore your inner Microbiologist)

Almost all the students from each semester have participated in this event and made it successful.

Day One (17th Feb. 2020)

Inauguration of the event was done at the hands of Principal Dr BM Bahirwar and Dr. GS Gond. Dr. PS Katkar addressed the event and describe the each event and its benefits in learning the subject making it easier. Dr. BM Bahirwar has added some of his view and uniqueness of the event on the occasion. Dr. KN Sahare, Prof. GS Ghugare and other faculty staff were present and assisted in execution of the inaugural ceremony.

First event was the seminar competition in which all student of semester VI, 12 student from semester IV and 5 students form semester II have participated. The competition was judge by the Dr GS Gond, KN Sahare and Prof. Bindu Thamke.

Other events like 10 Second Rule, Pictionary, and Headcruncher proceeded further. Day one was completely busy and overwhelming response from students.

Day Second (18th Feb. 2020)

In the second day, remaining events like Micro chef, Micro Quiz, Sing the science, Memory Booster, Ad Mad Show were arranged. In Micro quiz 3 participant from each semester were selected and question from their syllabus were presented on the screen with limited time to answer. Three round with different stage of question were arranged. As a jury Prof. Bindu Thamke, Prof. Farheen Siddiqui and Prof. GS Ghugare were present.    

In Micro Chef Competition, students have prepared variety of foods that involve the use of microorganisms like, idaly, dosa, cakes, wines, curd, pastries, bread etc. In sing the science, student of semester II Sana khan, Dhanashree Mengineni and Rushiksh Bhoskar have presented song on the theme of microbial infection. From semester IV Tushar bhoskar presented song on benefits of wine.

Overall, the day second finished with lots of fun and food and Great Spirit of learning. All the result of the events were recorded and announced at the end of the day. Winner Students were named and congratulated at the valedictory function presided by the Principal Dr. BM Bahirwar. The certificate and prizes of the event decided to be given at the inauguration ceremony of the Microbiologist’s Society of India.  

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