Student Grievance Redrressal Committee

Students Grievances and Redressal cell works to promote and maintain a conducive, fair and balanced environment for the students. It records the grievances and complaints registered by anyone concerning the activities of the Institution specifically by students. The Committee confirms effective solutions to the grievances, using an unbiased approach. The Grievance and Redressal Cell enables the students to express their grievances by initiating and following the grievance procedure following the rules and regulations of the College.

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  • To develop an organizational framework to resolve the grievances of the students and other stakeholders.
  • To take appropriate action to resolve the problems.


  • Provide information about the Cell’s objectives and mode of action through the website and college prospectus and notice.
  • The Grievances are received through a suggestion box, provided beside the library.
  • Grievances about academic and internal evaluation redress at the office counter/Head, Grievances Cell/ Principal.

The final action against grievances is to be resolved by the Head, Students Grievance and redressal Cell and the Principal.

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