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Strategy Development & Deployment

Ever since its inception, The Guru Nanak College of Science, Ballarpur has seen continuous growth in areas of academics and quality teaching. To sustain its growth, the college has identified the following areas to be strengthened.  The highlight targets of strategic planning and deployment for 2020-25 are mentioned here.

  1. Bringing teaching and learning process on par with international standards
  2. Encouraging the faculty for Research and Development
  3. Looking for partnership with other institutions abroad
  4. Finding financial resources for furtherance of the strategic and perspective plans
  5. Introduction of new postgraduate programme like MSc in Zoology, Microbiology and Physics.
  6. To continue best practices such as to maintain green cover in campus and waste management.
  7. Focus on Research activities & collaboration with institutes and industries
  8. Collaboration with International and National Institutes of repute and other recognitions
  9. External funding for research, project and innovative programs.

Creating Values in our Students