The college has an informal Alumni Association which was working effectively since 2013. Due to the excellent rapport shared by our faculties with alumni we are able to make a strong bonding and network between alumni and institute. Many of them are willing to ‘Give-Back’ to their alma-mater as a sign of their gratitude and affinity towards the institution in the format of their knowledge and skills that they have learned in this huge IT world.

 The main objectives of this official Alumni Association are to:

  • Create a strong network between Alumni and Institute.
  • Create a strong network for Alumni progression as well as student’s progression.
  • To promote a sustained sense of belonging to the Alma Mater among the Alumni by being in regular contact with them.
  • To provide a forum for the Alumni for exchange of ideas on academic, cultural and social issues by organizing and coordinating reunion activities of the Alumni.
  • Maintaining the updated and current information of all Alumni.

The alumni of Institute is guiding and nurturing our students to become more technical for IT industry. It is our plan to develop everlasting relations with our alumni which in turn will give rise to mutual benefits.

Roles & Responsibility:

  • Making a Strong network between Alumni and Institute
  • Organizing  – Annual Alumni Meet
  • Organizing and Participation in Induction Session during -Orientation Program of first year students.
  • Maintaining and updating alumni database.
  • Mentorship Programme by alumni for their juniors.
  • Organizing ‘Alum talks’ regularly.
  • Updating various events organized in IMRD on Social Media to reach out to Alumni
  • Maintaining IMRD’s alumni database via LinkedIn account, whatsapp and facebook.

Most of alumni always contributed their knowledge and helped to institute in different way:

Placements – The alumni network of a institute is one of the biggest sources for placement. Alumni always help to place their juniors at their respective organizations.

Mentorship – Our alumni always play an active role in voluntary programmes like mentoring students in their areas of expertise.

Career Guidance – alumni is a huge talent pool whose guidance can be beneficial to many students and other fellow-alumni in their respective areas of study.

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