Books Chapters

Book Chapters Published by Faculty

1. Functional Materials from Carbon, Inorganic and Organic Sources: Methods and Advances. View Here

2. Luminescence in Photocatalysis, Handbook of Nanomaterials for Wastewater Treatment. View Here

3. Perovskite Solar Cells, Energy Materials Fundamentals to Applications. View Here

4. Mineral Physics and Characterizations of Nanoparticles  – Mineral Physics and Characterizations of nanoparticles – Nova Science (USA). View Here

5. Castelli S, Vassallo O, Katkar P, Che CM, Sun RW, Desideri A. “Gold (III),  Cyclometalated Compound, Inhibition of Human DNA Topoisomerase IB” Encyclopedia of Metalloproteins. 2013, 927-932. View Here

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